The mountains are calling and I must go
— John Muir

Whether you’re missing a sleeping mat, a stove or a complete camping set-up, we have everything you’ll need to get you on your way.

All you have to do is get going…

All of our ALPKIT equipment can be hired for just an over-nighter, or for weeks at a time. Whether you’re using it on one of our courses or escapes, or taking it on your own adventures, our aim is simply to facilitate getting more people out and about without having to first invest in lots of expensive gear.

Prices: Start at just £25 overnight (full bundle)

Delivery/Collection: Get set up with all of your kit at our base for free or we can ship the kit out to you at an extra cost. (not available on individual items)

After something else?…

Wild Camping Equipment


We’ve put together our wild camping gear bundle intended to get you out on a lightweight bikepacking adventure and it includes all of the essential kit listed below. All you’ll really need to bring is a sleeping bag & suitable clothes. If you’ve already got some of your own kit you can also hire from us on an item-by-item basis.

  • Inflatable Sleeping Mat

  • Bivvi Bag

  • Tarp (+ pegs and guys)

  • Stove (+ pot + gas)

  • Head-torch

Price: 2 day (overnight) =£25; extra day = £5; full week = £50

Individual items:

  • Tarp - Single person - 2 day (overnight) = £6; extra day £2; full week £15

  • Tarp - Large (4/6 person) - 2 day (overnight) = £12; extra day £4; full week £30

  • Lightweight tent - 2 person - 2 day (overnight) = £15; extra day £5; full week £40

  • Bivvi bag - 2 day (overnight) = £6; extra day £2; full week £15

  • Sleeping mat - 2 day (overnight) = £6; extra day £2; full week £15

  • BruKit Stove, pot & spork - 2 day (overnight) = £6; extra day £2; full week £15

  • Head-torch - 2 day (overnight) = £2; extra day £1; full week £5


Fire-Pot Meals


After a long day in the saddle, sometimes it is difficult to raise the energy to cook. This is why we have teamed up with Dorset based company FIREPOT to provide you with effortless, tasty and nutritious meals. Each meal is made with only natural foods (read: no additives or nasty preservatives) which have then simply been dehydrated. All you need to do is add boiling water, wait 15 mins and viola, a delicious meal awaits! For us, these are definitely the best dehydrated meals we have found and we have taken great joy in testing each and every one…

You can purchase Fire-pot meals from us at the last minute before going out on your adventures, or pre-ordering using the equipment booking form below.

Options include:

  • Porcini Mushroom Risotto (suitable for vegans + gluten free)

  • Posh Pork and Beans (gluten free) - our favourite for a cheeky luxurious breakfast

  • Spicy Pork Noodles

  • Dal and Rice with Spinach (suitable for vegans + gluten free)

  • Orzo Pasta Bolognese - this one has the highest calorie rating if you’re planning a long day on the bike!

  • Chilli con Carne and Rice (gluten free)

  • Beef Stew with Pearl Barley

Price: £6.50